“Broken Back Pattern Welded Seax”

This seax had a high carbon steel edge, a patter welded core and a wrought iron spine. The handle is carved birdseye maple . The fittings are bronze and brass. The tooled leather sheath has bronze/brass and carved antler fittings. Over all length is 15 3/8” with a 9 3/8” long blade.

Asking 1100 USD plus shipping

"Salmon of Knowledge"

"The Salmon story figures prominently in The Boyhood Deeds of Fionn, which recounts the early adventures of Fionn mac Cumhaill. According to the story, an ordinary salmon ate nine hazelnuts that fell into the Well of Wisdom (aka Tobar Segais) from nine hazel trees that surrounded the well. By this act, the salmon gained all the world's knowledge. The first person to eat of its flesh would in turn gain this knowledge." -Wikipedia

The Salmon of Knowledge features a high layer Damascus Blade a hand carved birdseye maple handle, done in the salmon motif. Cast bronze fittings with 9 bronze orbs representing the 9 hazelnuts from the Well of Wisdom. The sheath is tooled leather with bronze/brass fittings.

Asking 1300 USD plus shipping.

"Branch Biter"

Ranger's forest axe. This axe has a hand forged head with a laminated steel cutting edge. Hafted with a carved birdseye maple shaft, inscribed with runes that read "Branch Biter"and finished with carved knot work . The head has a tooled leather cover with a carved antler button.

800USD plus shipping

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